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For me, the art of making color and the process of weaving those colors in rugs represent a record of my existence.  They hold a memory of my observations as I experience the daily changes in my environment. A field of pink poppies, the subtle changes in color of a hibiscus petal or the blood red branches of a dogwood that is barren of leaves all feed into the colors and patterns of my work.

Creating color from natural dyes comes from the need to understand the multiplicity of color in plants. Plants have a hidden beauty in the colors that they can produce, which is rarely obvious to the eye. The lanceolate green leaves of the madder plant, for example, give no hint of the brilliant red roots that are hidden in the soil. 

The weaving of a rug is a meditative process.  The taut warps are stretched, in a simple frame loom, from floor to ceiling and the hued wefts are woven one on top of another in a rhythmic pattern. The processes of observing, dyeing and weaving are inseparable from the piece. Each step builds upon the other to create a rug that is reflective of my personal environment.

Pamela Feldman

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