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Natural Dye Classes

FIBER 3026: Natural Dye
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Fiber 3026: Natural Dye focuses on the creation of a full range of color on textile materials using dyes of natural origin, including plant and insect extracts and raw materials. Students learn to apply color with both traditional and contemporary methods through a variety of immersion and direct dye applications, including printing and painting using both dyes and pigments, and the resist process using indigo. While studying the historical context and methodology behind each dye material, students compile an index of swatches and recipes, and collaboratively investigate the relevance of generations-old processes in contemporary practice.

Venue: School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Saturdays 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Weaving Classes

Weaving Studio
Chicago Botanic Garden
The Chicago Botanic Garden has an ongoing tapestry weaving class. Students at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels come together to explore ways of using surface, image, and text within a woven form to create independent projects. Students will be exposed to both contemporary and historical tapestries through weekly visual presentations and will participate in skill-building demonstrations to broaden their technical skills. Frame looms are provided for beginning and intermediate students to use in class Open to all levels.

Pamela Feldman, artist and educator

Venue: Chicago Botanic Garden
9:00 AM 1:00 PM
10 Wednesdays, September 5 November 14, 2018 (no class September 19)
To register go to:
or call the Chicago Botanic Garden at (847) 835-8261


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